This Blog is all about my dog Molly. She is a Brindle Pit-Bull Lab Mix, On here you can find pictures I have taken of her, videos, and art I have made with her in it. Along with my books I have written that have her in it. A lot of the pictures come from our walks around the Hermiston Butte. I also have a link to my google community  if you really like Molly. Find us elsewhere on the Social Media sites page.

About Molly:
My Owner's dad took me home. I love to take him for walks. What I don't get is why he won't let me go across the street, when cars go by. I think that it s fun to make him chase me, whenever we play games together. Something else I don t get is why there needs to be a rope thing around my neck.


  1. I wanted to write and let you know that I am presenting you with an award on my blog tomorrow, Tuesday February 18th. Please accept it with the love and admiration I intended. Thanks for being such an inspiration to me. My blog is Barking from the Bayou, http://mkclinton.com/
    Congratulations! Melissa Clinton


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