Friday, October 25, 2013

Progress on The Adventures of Molly Art video update 12

I have finished drawing 7
This is what was happening at this point in The Adventures of Molly
"The next day in Doglandia, Molly found out that the pack had split up. This was because there were those who didn't want even any pit-bull mixes as part of the pack, and so from the Omni pack was formed the Odibilis pack. The leader of this new group was none other than Buddy the Beagle. It was seldom in Doglandia for packs to split up, but not usually for reasons like this. Just like  Wrangler for an example creating a new pack full of dogs so he could  right this injustice."

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  1. hi, if you want your dog drawn 'life like' for FREE, follow this link- I will be happy to draw your dog, Molly, if you like, or anyone's dog or cat (or animal!) you just have to comment and I will draw your pet!


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